The Perfect Storm: Warning Signs and Challenges Ahead for Retail
Getzler Henrich & Associates Retail Practice was recently featured in articles published by Fairchild Media in Women’s Wear Daily, Sourcing Journal, and Footwear News. In the article, Getzler Henrich & Associates advises on top-tier strategies to navigate uncertainty across retail markets.

Getzler Henrich

“The perfect storm” idiom best describes all-too-common perspectives on the current retail market – and according to Getzler Henrich, a New York-based middle market corporate turnaround and restructuring firm, retailers have resorted to early aggressive promotional activity to overcome sales slowdown and inventory build heading into Q4 and the new year.

Michael Appel, Head of Getzler Henrich’s Retail Practice, explained that current market dynamics are driven by significant cuts in consumers’ discretionary spending due to the end of stimulus payments, rising concerns with global macro-economic conditions, such as inflation, rising food and fuel prices, threats of a recession and increased interest rates, while retailers are sitting with too much inventory on hand that does not align with changing trends and consumer behaviors.

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