In response to a retail market facing constant disruptions, WWD, Sourcing Journal, and Fairchild Media, with support from Getzler Henrich, have teamed up to launch “Retail Rx.” This digital content microsite presents retail industry news and insights to help executive leaders make better-informed business decisions amidst ongoing retail restructuring and evolving retail market trends.

Fresh content, including exclusive articles, industry insider interviews, podcasts, and one-on-one video fireside chats with thought leaders and retail executives, is posted weekly. The site covers retail market trends, retail industry news, and op-ed columns, providing timely updates and insights.

The site encourages visitors to submit questions, suggested themes, and topics, aiming to help business leaders gain a competitive edge in an ever-evolving, complex retail marketplace. Retail Rx includes channels such as “Chat Box,” a series of podcasts with industry experts and retail executives exploring the state of retail today and tomorrow. The “Retail POV” channel presents exclusive finance and technology news and business insights from the Getzler Henrich and Hilco Global experts, and “The SKU View” showcases fireside video chats featuring industry thought leaders and experts discussing retail restructuring and retail market trends.

To connect with a Getzler Henrich or Hilco Global Retail Rx expert, click here.