The security and alarm industry is facing unprecedented pressure as valuations plummet and capital providers exit the industry. In addition, companies need to adapt their business models to rapidly changing technology, consumer demands and competitive pressures.

Many companies are approaching loan maturities with the refinancing environment severely restricted and more challenging, as traditional lenders to the security & alarm industry are exiting their positions. In addition, due to competitive pressures and the current economic conditions facing residential and commercial customers, revenues are dropping, causing defaults with loan covenants based on RMR and leverage metrics. During these unprecedented times for the industry, now more than ever companies need advisors with industry experience and the expertise to navigate through difficult financial and operational situations.

Getzler Henrich has become a trusted strategic and financial advisor to many companies and their lenders in the security and alarm industry, providing services to numerous companies ranging in RMR from $800K to over $8.0 million. Our professionals have experience supporting both residential and commercial security and alarm companies as well as working with their senior lenders in workout situations.  Our professionals help our clients manage through difficult liquidity periods while preserving value for stakeholders.

The firm is currently assisting numerous security and alarm companies with:

  • liquidity issues and cash flow forecasting
  • negotiations with lenders
  • cost reductions
  • strategic planning
  • evaluation of alternative restructuring options
  • sales processes, including due diligence
  • contingency planning

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