A combination of macroeconomic and industry-specific factors have limited both performance and growth in the transportation and logistics space over the past decade.  Waning demand coupled with fuel price-volatility, driver turnover, increased regulation, and a host of other factors have led to increased competition and scarce availability of financing for growth.

Our professionals have experience operating transportation and logistics businesses as well as working with both vendors and customers in senior management roles, and know how to manage through difficult periods while preserving value for stakeholders. Grounded in a quantitative approach to traditional operating strategies together with thorough knowledge of the restructuring process, we achieve performance improvement through operational change and negotiate with outside parties to gain the breathing room necessary to reach a business’ potential.

Typical Services include:

Evaluate management and functional departments

Operations Reviews

  • Profitability by Lane
  • Profitability by Customer
  • Deadhead Miles Assessment
  • Asset Utilization
  • Terminal Utilization
  • Detailed Cost Per Mile Breakdown
  • Driver Turnover Analysis
  • Reporting – Metrics
  • Competition

Financial Advisory

  • Financial projections, including 13-week cash flow projections to establish liquidity/availability to eliminate surprises
  • Financial reporting

Analysis of existing and new vehicle leases and financing

Capital Expenditures

  • Vehicle Age Study
  • Assess Minimum Sustainable Levels

Vendors & Supply Chain Overview

Legal/Insurance due diligence

  • Existing and pending lawsuits – if any
  • Review overall insurance strategy
  • Seek opportunities to reduce insurance costs.