Restaurants and fast food establishments today confront an extremely challenging environment – economic recession causing significantly reduced consumer demand, margin pressure, increased consumer expectations and shifting trends, fierce competition, consolidation, online marketing, and growing supply source complexities.

To stay competitive in this routinely changing climate, restaurants and fast food operators must continuously address decisions regarding

  • Menu mix and price points – providing value to the consumer
  • Merchandising
  • Procurement
  • Inventory management
  • Overhead
  • Real estate

Our professionals understand food service first hand – we have operated fine dining, casual and fast food restaurants, including independents, chains, and hotel food and beverage outlets.  In addition, we understand the dynamics of the entire food service supply chain – we have provided consulting services to foodservice suppliers, including protein, dairy, vegetable, fruit and beverage growers, manufacturers and distributors.

Getzler Henrich’s quantitative, analytical approach focuses on operational efficiency and effectiveness, rationalization or expansion opportunities, product margin and contribution analysis, and distribution issues.  We provide alternative solutions to restore asset value.  Typical services include:

Evaluate management and functional departments

Evaluate each retail concept, particularly:

  • Profitability by category and item
  • Acceptance of concept
  • Quality
  • Menu Issues – Pricing
  • Inventory / Ingredient Controls
  • COGS/Inflation Pressures
  • Service Level – Associate Morale
  • Image (Customer Perception)
  • Reporting – Metrics
  • Advertising Plans & Effectiveness
  • Competition
  • Demographics
  • Locations

Financial Advisory

  • Projections, including 13-week cash flow projections to establish liquidity/availability to eliminate surprises
  • Financial reporting

Review of existing and new leases

Capital Expenditures Analysis

Vendors & Supply Chain Review