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Kristine Southard

Kristine Southard, Ph.D, senior academic advisor, is an accomplished higher education professional with over 25 years of experience as an AVP Academic Affairs, School Dean and Assistant Professor of Literature, having held roles at Mercy College, College of New Rochelle and Plaza College.
Throughout her career, Kristine has been Chairperson for Institutional Standing Committees in Assessment, Curriculum, Advisement and Support Services, and led College Governance Long-range Planning and Fringe Benefits Committees.

 Kristine led senior administrations through rationalized and upgraded program implementations, budget restructurings, institutional enrollment leveraging, human resource collective bargaining negotiations for unionized staff, and faculty negotiations, including the rewrite of the tenured faculty handbook that led to the retention of 100% of the faculty under her supervision.

Kristine has extensive knowledge of the university academic model and institutional and programmatic accreditation compliance across diverse curricula. She was tapped to lead institution-wide strategic planning in two 5-year cycles and monitored tactical implementation across college-wide departments. Kristine has provided academic and operational advisory services to increase profitability through identifying optimal program/school enrollment; streamlining academic delivery models within a multi-school and multi-campus college; right-sizing institutional talent; and devising rational budget plans for non-profit and for-profit institutions.

Kristine has an BA in English and Political Science from Fordham University and holds a Ph.D. from New York University. Kristine is a member of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.