Health Care in the Shadow of COVID-19: What Will the “New Normal” Look Like?

by David Campbell, Luke Andrews, Dan Polsky
ABI Webinar

The webinar (recording) explored issues facing the healthcare industry. The panelists also included healthcare, Brian Fortune, Senior Managing Director at Farragut Square Group, and Jeremy R. Johnson and Christopher Ward, Chair, Bankruptcy & Restructuring, both at Polsinelli.  They discussed some of the challenges arising from the ongoing pandemic.

As the country begins to reopen, what might the “new normal” for providers look like, and how long is it likely to last? How might the financial and operational performance of companies be altered, and what legal strategies can be employed to ensure viability? How will all of the above impact lenders, landlords, and vendors, and how are the CMS advances provided by the government different from other sources of relief? Finally, how are health care businesses preparing for the next COVID-19 cycle in light of the virus’s likely resurgence in the fall, and can we expect a second wave of shutdowns?